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Professional Wedding Planner and Emcee John is a graduate from The City University of New York. While major in Finance, he was a DJ and Reporter for a major New York Chinese radio station. As an experienced MC, John has hosted more than 100 weddings, ceremonies and parties in New York and Hong Kong including the Miss Chinese New York Pageant Finals for three consecutive years from 2007 to 2009. With John being your host, you can be reassured that all participants will enjoy every seconds of your memorable event. In addition to hosting weddings and ceremonies, John is also an expert hosting a variety of shows and parties from individuals, corporate and non-profit organizations.

John was also minored in psychology and performing arts. He loves acting and has “aced” every advance acting class in The City University of New York. John has participated in several singing competitions in New York and has also actively participated in singing performances in Hong Kong. Additional singing performance is also available during the hosting event. Please contact John for more information.


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